Capturing website leads has never been easier…

As a dealer you don’t have access to 95% or more of your website traffic once they leave your website. We tell you who’s on your site, what they’re shopping for and where they live!

Power your website traffic,
so you can do MORE with LESS



Power Pixel is a powerful, simple marketing technology that engages with your website shoppers in real-time to deliver higher return leads and conversions.


Add a single script or tag to your dealership website to access all our features – including mobile notifications, a dealer dashboard and more.



We provide more bottom funnel leads that are ready to buy and a 30% lift in first party leads, minimum.  Our leads close at a 15-20% rate!

Anyone can provide you leads!  

Our intelligent software checks visitors against over 240 engagement variables and only targets the top 10-12% of your dealership’s website visitors. Visitors that view our pop-up close at a much higher rate than other leads – at 15-20% or more.

Understand Your Prospects

Power Pixel is a technology that when added to your website to lets you know WHO is on your website, WHAT they want to buy and WHERE they live. Any vendor can provide you leads, we provide leads that convert.

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